Man sneaks into abandoned hospital & starts filming—then he hears eerie cries from 3rd floor

A man embarked on a photographic trip to a desolated hospital to capture some thrilling shots. He thought he was all alone inside the forgotten and forsaken facility, but little did he know that there was someone waiting for him inside.

One night, amateur photographer Josh Goldberg was exploring the abandoned Leonard Hospital in Troy, New York, in the hope of snapping some interesting scenes.

The hospital was in total ruin with tattered walls and ceilings. All alone, Goldberg navigated his way through the creepy corridors and spooky rooms that had trash scattered all over.

Except for a time-worn surgical lighthead hanging in the air and a non-functioning morgue, the long-abandoned facility was basically empty.

Goldberg thought he was all by himself in the desolated hospital, and he dared to keep moving ahead and filming. But then he heard a strange cry coming from a room on the third floor.

The hospital is rumored to be haunted. What was it exactly? Goldberg suddenly went into detective mode and decided to investigate.

As he went closer, the cries sounded familiar. He guessed that a kitten might be trapped somewhere, crying for help.

“I realized there was a kitten trapped on the third floor, but couldn’t quite figure out where; at first I thought he was in the heating ducts,” Goldberg wrote on his YouTube channel.

It turned out Goldberg’s guess was spot on. He caught sight of a tiny gray kitten trapped at the bottom of the heating ducts.

The terrified 4-week-old kitten was trapped at the bottom of the vent. Luckily, the kitten was discovered just in time. But Goldberg’s adventurous trip doesn’t end just here—unable to reach the vent, he was actually wondering how to rescue the poor little kitten.

Watch the video below to see how Goldberg managed to save the kitten:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Joshua Gold.

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