Neglected pup chained to dog house for over 5 years finally finds a loving new home

For a woman who typically spends her days at the office answering phone calls, it was a shock to stumble upon a terribly neglected pup back in 2012 when she was delegated the task of delivering straw for stray dogs.

While Kaitlynn Kelly, a media coordinator, and her team at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were delivering straw to a pit bull, they noticed a pup named Marley.

Marley was barking at the pit bull from a few yards away.

The two canines never got to play together because Marley was chained up to a dog house all day long in his owner’s backyard.

“His doghouse was barren, his water bucket was so filthy that it was just another mud puddle, and his food bowl was at the farthest point that his chain would reach,” Kelly wrote.

His food made up of Cheerios was contained in a dirty pan, and his dirty water bucket was filled with algae and debris.

When Marley got excited to see Kelly and her team, his owner shouted: “Be still! Be still!” And then, he hit the dog on the head. Sadly, it seemed that the only word the neglected dog understood was “no.”

The owner refused to surrender Marley to PETA.

So, the team did all they could to help the poor pup. They put straw on the muddy ground where Marley moved around, cleaned his filthy water bucket, brought him some fresh food, and replaced his 10-foot-long chain with a lightweight tie-out.

“The tie-out added 5 feet to Marley’s living space,” Kelly shared.

Seeing Marley’s miserable life, Kelly was determined to help him.

“I might not be able to change the world, but I can change Marley’s world, and that’s just what I intend to do,” she wrote.

From that day onward, the team at PETA kept their eyes on Marley and often returned to visit.

The owner eventually conceded and surrendered the pup to PETA after years of persuasion.

After being chained up for more than five years in a backyard, Marley was finally free.

Marley, infested with parasites and suffering from undernourishment, was then treated by medical staff at PETA’s shelter.

Soon afterwards, Marley was adopted by PETA employee Michael Moss, who fell for his unbreakable spirit.

At his new forever home, Moss gives Marley treats, bones, toys, a warm couch to sleep on, and lots of cuddles!

“I really, really liked his little attitude … and [his] spirit that … wasn’t going to be broken,” said Moss.

“I just want him to be happy.”

Marley even has a doggie sister, Kyah, to play with in their big backyard—without a chain.

Marley is now one happy dog!

Source: PETA

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Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

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