No one wanted old dog until 11 years later when one woman changes its life forever

Solo was an old stray dog who was too sick to keep up with the other strays on the streets of Los Angeles. Fortuitously, one day, he wandered onto a random woman’s porch, and that’s when his life suddenly transformed.

When the woman found the exhausted, aged dog, she named him “Solovino,” meaning “I came alone” in Spanish. Even after a few days, Solo was still there. That’s when she contacted Rocket Dog Rescue of San Francisco, who had Solo flown out to the Golden Gate city.

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Since then, Solo has been placed in numerous foster homes, and, each time, his owners would return him to the rescue center. Solo had issues that nobody wanted to deal with. He was unwanted until, one day, Carol Messina saw Solo’s picture online and instantly fell in love with the old dog.

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Carol was a “Star Wars” fan and loved the fact that his name was Solo, just like the famous scoundrel from the sci-fi classic.

“Then when I met him and saw how sad he was, I knew he was going to stay with me forever no matter what,” Messina told The Dodo.

Having lived on the streets of Los Angeles his entire life, Solo was scared, quiet, and shy when he first arrived at Messina’s home. “He kept his tail between his legs 24 hours a day, even when eating,” Messina told This Dog’s Life.

Messina came to realize Solo’s anxiety being around people and animals was due to a hearing impairment. That also explained why he flinched whenever someone tried to pet him.

Solo’s rotten teeth were also a source of constant pain.


As Messina became attuned to Solo’s handicaps, she started switching on the lights before entering a room. She put a vest on him with the words “deaf dog” while they were out on walks, to let people know to be careful around him.

Messina also got Solo’s teeth fixed. Once his dental issues were solved, Solo suddenly turned into a different dog.

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With Messina’s love and understanding, Solo gradually got acclimatized to his new life. He became a happier dog, who now loves running and playing around. He even has a new best friend, the neighbor’s dog named Bailey, whom he often visits.

Thanks to Messina, Solo is able to enjoy his golden years in a loving forever home.

Meanwhile, Solo also gave Messina “a purpose for the first time” in her life. She now plans to start a rescue program in order to change “the lives of as many dogs as possible.”

It’s so true that there’s a reward for every kind deed we do in life!

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