One-eyed kitty wandered alone on streets without her mom—after rescue, she looks way too cute

Meet this beautiful one-eyed kitten rescued from Egypt. The little ball of fluff is now living in a “purffect” home with her new family in America, none other than Bethany Watson from “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show”—and a new cat friend!

On the streets of Cairo lived a one-eyed, white kitten named Poppy; she was often seen wandering alone without her mother. Eventually, one day this poor kitty, covered with ringworms, was rescued off the streets.

A kind man named Ahmed learned about Poppy on Facebook and stepped forward to help. He contacted Happy Homes Animal Rescue in the United States.

“He sent the picture to me and offered to care for her until she was ready to fly here (US),” Happy Homes Animal Rescue told Love Meow.

Ahmed fed and cared for Poppy around the clock. With lots of tender loving care, Poppy was gradually nursed back to health. Once her only eye and health cleared up, Ahmed was ready to let her go.

On May 30, Poppy was flown to New Jersey, America, to begin her new life, reported Love Meow. Being a sweet and friendly cat, Poppy instantly warmed up to the people who picked her up at the airport.

©Facebook | Happy Homes Animal Rescue

Poppy adjusted to life in the foreign land quickly. “She’s only been with us for two days but she’s settled right in,” the rescuer said. “She is the sweetest kitten, so mellow and loving.”

“Since Poppy arrived in America she has had many adventures, including riding around in a space ship and acting like the Princess and the Pea.”

Soon, the sweet Poppy was adopted by Bethany Watson, co-host of the radio program Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. She was even given a new name: Minerva Purr!

Her owner, Bethany, also adopted another cat, named Loki, that was rescued from the streets in New Jersey. Bethany regularly shares their photos on the Instagram account—minervapurr. Minerva Purr looks beautiful, even with one eye shut. It’s no surprise her Instagram account has amassed over 11, 400 followers.

“My son LOVES Minerva! Every time I show him a picture, he gets a huge smile and calls her ‘Battle Scar Kitty,’” Instagram user butlermom81 commented.

“Hi Minerva! … Had to meet you when I heard you only had one eye! You’re gorgeous!” yuenglingthedog commented.

While Faz0209 wrote, “That ear fluff is glorious!”

Check out some of her cute photos below:

Isn’t she just so adorable?! Glad to know that Poppy (Minerva Purr) got rescued by a kindhearted man in the nick of time, and is all well and happy in her new home.

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