Rescue dog starts pulling his owner toward a cardboard box, she had her phone ready to record

Who says cats and dogs can’t get along? Not only did this dog save the lives of four black-and-white kittens, he also became their unlikely foster dad. The video of this rescue has racked up more than 3.9 million views!

One day in 2017, Valia Orfanidou was enjoying a leisurely stroll with Aragon, a rescue pup, and the dog’s owner, near the mountain of Ymittos, not far from Athens in Greece.

During the walk, Aragon seemed to have found something with his snout.

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“We were walking Aragon near the mountain, actually planning to do video on the huge number of animals abandoned there, when Aragon started pulling us towards their direction…” said Aragon’s owner, a volunteer at Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS).

©YouTube Screenshot | The Orphan Pet

Aragon eventually led Orfanidou and his owner to an abandoned box lying in the middle of the path.

Inside, it contained four tiny black-and-white kittens.

©YouTube Screenshot | The Orphan Pet

Apparently, the kittens were abandoned and left there to fend for themselves.

Luckily, Aragon found the tiny animals, and his owner decided to take them home.

©YouTube Screenshot | The Orphan Pet

Aragon soon became foster dad to these little orphans, named Lhotse, Cho, Makalou, and Manaslou, as reported by Honest to Paws.

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The loving Aragon licked and cleaned the tiny fur balls, and always kept a watchful eye on them. He made sure the kittens, which were crawling all over their new house, didn’t stray too far away. If they did, he’d gently guide them back into the plastic tray.

“They are his babies and he is constantly curious about what they are doing and how they are behaving,” Orfanidou wrote on The Ophan Pet.

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In fact, it was not the first time Aragon adopted stray cats.

“His first rescue was Simone, a stray cat who followed him around when he was on his daily walk, and one day she went into the house with him,” Orfanidou shared.

©YouTube Screenshot | The Orphan Pet

The video of this rescue has racked up more than 3.9 million views ever since Orfanidou uploaded it to The Orphan Pet YouTube channel on June 13, 2017.

“Abandoned litters of kittens are such a common thing in Greece,” Orfanidou wrote. “Within only a month, SCARS has rescued more than 25 kittens, all abandoned in the same way.”

©YouTube Screenshot | The Orphan Pet

Nearly every day, Aragon’s owner finds empty cardboard boxes—some holding toys and blankets—discarded nearby Mount Ymittos. Sadly, the abandoned kittens, puppies, and bunnies could have been eaten up by the foxes that live in the mountains.

If not for Aragon, the kittens would have suffered the same fate. “Basically he was the rescuer, and he has been an excellent foster dad since day one,” Orfanidou added.

With Aragon’s excellent care, the kittens were finally ready to find a new forever home.

May their new owners shower these adorable felines with lots of TLC, just like what Aragon did!

Sources: Honest to Paws, The Ophan Pet.

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