School janitor hears a knock at the door—but he unlocks it to find a ‘moving’ box and a note

On the evening of Dec. 7, 2017, a janitor at Ronald Brown Academy in Detroit, Michigan, was hard at work cleaning the facility. No other students were at school, but suddenly, he heard a knock on the back door. Who could it be?

The janitor glanced through the window and saw a little boy hastily running away after setting down a box.

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Then, he unlocked the door, only to find a handwritten note taped to the cardboard box.

“Sorry it didn’t have a home, and it was cold so were going to give it to you,” the note read. “Please do let it go find it a new home. Thank you.”

When he opened the box, there was a small and terrified puppy curled up in a blanket!

Other than the note and blanket, the boy left behind slices of meat for the puppy. He had also poked holes in the box to ensure the canine was able to breathe.

The janitor handed the box to a teacher—a big dog lover. The teacher gladly accepted the puppy to look after her before she found a forever home. She and her son named the dog Snowflake.

However, the kind teacher wasn’t able to give Snowflake a permanent home, so she contacted Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue in the hopes that the non-profit organization would help care for the puppy.

“She was so cute. I guess this child had wanted a better life or a home for the puppy,” Founder and Director of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue Theresa Sumpter told The Dodo.

At the start, Snowflake, around 7 and a half weeks old, refused to leave the cardboard box.

“She really likes the box—I don’t know why,” Sumpter said.

“She likes to sit in the box, she likes to lie in the box, she likes her toys in the box,” Sumpter added.

Hence, Sumpter had little choice but to place an extra blanket in the box to keep Snowflake warm.

After Sumpter brought Snowflake to a veterinarian for vaccinating and deworming, Snowflake was placed under foster care.

“Our sweet rescued girl Snowflake is doing great and looking adorable in her holiday outfits,” Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

After confirming that Snowflake wasn’t a lost puppy, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue eventually put her up for adoption.

“Snowflake available for adoption!” Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue updated on Dec. 20.

Just one day later, Snowflake was officially adopted!

Learning of the announcement, one Facebook user wrote, “Hahahahaha I am very happy for her – but can’t stop laughing at the other dog’s facial expressions – like ‘Oh no! she isn’t staying is she mom?’”

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Snowflake no longer has to endure the cold, lonely nights, all because of a sweet boy, who wanted a better life for her.

May little Snowflake feel loved in her new forever home!

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Sources: Detroit Free Press, The Dodo.

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