She heard mysterious screams from the hills but her search led to a beautiful reunion!

The mountains, though picturesque, are often shrouded in mystery. From tales about ghosts to mysterious incidents, each peak has its own story. Trinity Smith from Colorado had also heard of one such story but she braved through it and found the truth behind it. 

Credit: Laughing Colors

Smith had heard stories about mysterious screams coming from the mountain. It was said that a dog would scream at night.

She knew if the rumours were to be trusted then a poor dog was in desperate need. Initially, she was in two minds about going but finally, the thought of the needy dog took her there.

Credit: Laughing Colours

When she heard about a missing dog in the area, Smith was certain that it was the same one calling for help in the lone mountain. She set out the very next day to find the pooch. She could hear faint barks from the distance but couldn’t trace it back to the animal.

Credit: Laughing Colours

However, she didn’t give up and continued her search to the next day but this time she was accompanied by her friend. Both of them scanned the area, following the sound of the barks. They found the malnourished dog stuck under a rock.

Credit: Laughing Colours

Smith was able to reunite the distressed animal with its owners. It was found that Chloe, their pet had been missing for six long weeks! It is a miracle that she survived through the difficulties.