Giant poodle and ADORABLE Japanese girl do everything together—See what they get up to!

Kawaii! This little girl and her fluffy pet poodle are best buddies. Their adorable bond, captured on camera, will surely put a smile on your face!

One-year-old Mame is as cute as a button. Her pet poodle, Riku, is a giant sweetie too. Just like many other poodles, Riku sports an impressive hairdo, and carries herself with a refined, yet adorable gait.

Though they make an odd pair—one big, and one small—that doesn’t stop them from being the best of friends!

The two cutsies are simply inseparable! Riku hangs around the little Japanese girl whatever she may be doing; everything from reading, sleeping and playing hide-and-seek, to riding on her wooden rocking horse!

Both of them have such adorable dispositions, it’s no wonder they look so good together. Just look at their photos below and see! They are clearly the best of buddies. You can’t help falling head over heels for their absolute antics!

The adorable snapshots of Mame and Riku are posted on the girl’s grandfather’s Instagram account

Mame and Riku do everything together, from reading the paper …

… to sleeping …

… to eating a simple meal early in the day …

… to fooling around and having fun …

… to playing hide-and-seek!

Mame has two other dogs, Gaku and Qoo

But, apparently, she still loves Riku best!

Guess … who’s copying who?

They prepare for a trip to the market, donning the same hachimaki (handkerchief)!

Riku doesn’t mind if  Mame pastes stickers all over her puffy body …

… because that’s what friends are for!

So sweet! Riku plants a French kiss on Mame’s lips!

Are they not the most lovable companions you’ve ever seen!?

Photo credit: Instagram | tamanegi.qoo.riku.