This 3-legged Chihuahua lived in a shoebox for 5 months, but a text message changed her life

Alone and sick, this three-legged Chihuahua mix had nowhere to go. So, she found an old shoebox on the side of a house, and made it her home.

One day, Hope for Paws founder Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte responded to a text message about a three-legged stray dog who had been seen nestled in front of a house for several months.

The text message read: “Hello, just wondering if you could help this stray dog. It’s a three legged female. She’s been living in front of this one house for that [sic] past five months. I thought she belonged to home owners but I asked and they said no.”

When Hagar and Frankonyte arrived on the scene, they found the poor dog cowering in an old, dampened shoebox in the rain.

The surprised dog stared at the rescuers wide-eyed when they approached.

Seemingly weak and ailing, the dog didn’t struggle a bit when the rescuers placed a leash over her. That’s when they noticed her missing leg.

Nobody had any idea who this dog belonged to. The owner of the house was kind enough to give her food each day, which has kept her alive.

Rescuers gently lifted the dog up and rushed her off to the vet.

Frankonyte named the dog Princess and promised to look after her and provide the loving care she needs.

At the vet, Princess was given a warm bubble bath, probably the first in a long time … or ever.

Following a checkup, the vet discovered Princess to be quite sick. She was suffering from severe anemia and had to remain hospitalized for several weeks.

After receiving the appropriate treatment, Princess finally got well again.

While waiting for a kindhearted soul to adopt her, Princess was placed in foster care with Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue.

“I wanted to repost the rescue story of Princess in hopes that you will SHARE her story and help us find her a loving forever home,” wrote Hope For Paws on Facebook.

Since the appeal was posted, a few Facebook users expressed interest in adopting Princess.

“I live in Kansas and would love to have her in our family. Our dogs are deaf, blind, or both and are all very special. She would be a great addition. Poor baby!” Heather McCord Dombroski wrote.

Princess shouldn’t have any issues finding a new forever home where she’s sure to receive lots of tender loving care.

Watch the video:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel.

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