Man hears strange noises under concrete floor. When they tear up floor, they find the unthinkable

In April 2016, a group of visitors at the Cultural Center in Araras, Brazil, were baffled when they heard strange, muffled cries coming from an unknown place inside the building. Although they could not pinpoint what it was, it was undeniable that the noises were being made by some kind of animal.

The cries were similar to those of a cat, but they were not sure. They searched around the room and could not find whatever it was. Finally, it occurred to them that the noises were coming from underneath the floor.

A few people at the scene voiced their opinion to just let the creature, whatever it was, die; however, a group of locals opted to take action instead.

They contacted a local utility company for help, and it was not long before the company sent workers to the building to assess the situation.

The workers pinpointed an area where they believed the animal was trapped and then began hammering through the concrete floor until they came to a pipe, which they then cut open. Then, the animal’s cries became much louder, and a man reached inside the pipe and pulled out a tiny little kitten!

Bystanders cheered and clapped at the successful rescue. The kitten was quickly taken away for treatment.

Yet, even after the kitten was gone, they heard still more cries, and they realized there was more than just one kitten stuck inside.

So, the workers continued hammering through the concrete to expose more of the pipe until they reached where they thought the kitten should be.

After carefully cutting through the pipe, they were successful in freeing the second kitten. Yet, it would turn out, there were still more! And, after all was said and done, they saved two more kittens—four in all! Each was stuck in the pipe in different locations.

It was later discovered that the kittens were actually born on top of the building. Somehow, the four kittens fell into the gutter pipe and traveled down until they became stuck at some point.

It is very fortunate that these kind souls heard the kittens in time, for they would surely have died in the pipe had they not been rescued.

News of the rescued kittens spread around the city fast, and people were quick to help out.

“Since we announced the rescue of the kittens on social media, people in the area have donated milk, bottles, medicine and pet products,” said Ricardo Urbach, one of the rescuers.

They planned to rehabilitate the kittens and then put them up for adoption when they get a bit older.

Thanks to the compassionate and fast-thinking visitors, these kittens still have nine lives left!

Watch the video below:

Photo Credit: Facebook Video Screenshot | The Dodo.

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