Lady follows strange noises coming from roadside—shocked when she sees what’s inside the box

A woman is walking along the street when she hears some faint cries. As she looks around to find the source, she hears them coming from the direction of a box that was left by the side of the road. Then, upon looking inside, she immediately grabs her phone to call for help.

Just as we human beings have feelings—joy, sadness, hunger, pain—so too do animals, and it is heartbreaking how people sometimes forget this simple fact, resulting in them being treated cruelly or even being discarded like trash.

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Unfortunately, that’s what happened to five little kittens in June 2016 when the woman found them in that box on the side of the road.

Luckily, she heard their cries as she was walking around West Carr Road in Attleborough, England. When she investigated, she made the discovery and quickly called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), a charity that specializes in animal rescue and the welfare cause for all animals.

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Paige Burnham, an animal collection officer with the RSPCA, arrived on the scene. When Paige saw the state of the kittens, she was shocked—the kittens were hungry and dehydrated.

“I could not believe someone could be so callous dumping these poor young kittens on the side of the road. Had we not gone out to rescue them I dread to think what could’ve happened,” Paige said.


“They were hungry when I picked them up,” she added. “We took them in and gave them a mixture of milk and wet food along with water, then put a hot water bottle in with them as they were quite cold.”

The five kittens were given names: Nemo, Bruce, Dory, Flo, and Squirt. If the names sound familiar, that’s because they’re all character names from the Disney movie “Finding Nemo.”


The RSPCA have done an excellent job taking care of the kittens, and their health condition has improved much.

“Thankfully they are doing well now,” said Paige. “They are all so sweet natured it is heartbreaking to think someone didn’t want them and left them there not knowing what would happen. They must’ve been so scared.”


How fortunate for the kittens to have been found in time! They now have a chance to be adopted into a family that will give them the love and attention they need.

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