Woman hears water running in the bathroom. When she opens the door she had to film it all

While some dogs hate bath time and resent every minute in the tub, this Rottweiler is absolutely loving it! She loves soaking it up in the shower so much that she will open the bathroom door on her own and jump into the tub with her owner. Her lucky mom doesn’t need to worry about keeping this pup clean.


One day, dog owner Ursula Liv heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. Curious about the noise, she went to the bathroom to check it out.

She opened the door, and to her surprise, her lovely Rottweiler, Lena, was sitting blissfully under the showerhead, with cascades of water streaming down her black and brown fur.

©Youtube Screenshot | Life with Oz the Rottweiler

“Oh … What are you doing, Lena? Are you taking a shower?” Liv exclaimed, laughing. “Do you like it?”

Eyes closed, Lena grinned and flicked out her tongue, seeming to relish the lovely rinse.

“Lena, want to get out of the bathtub?” Liv asked.

At that moment, Lena turned away from the camera, tilting her head so that she could give her snout a good soak.

Lena sat there blissfully until Liv finally inquired amusedly, “Are you done?”

Just then, another dog, Blu, came in and gave Lena a kiss!

©Youtube Screenshot | Life with Oz the Rottweiler

Liv shared the footage of Lena taking a shower on YouTube, with a caption that read: “Everyone that knows our Rottie Lena knows she LOVES the water & even more to take showers!

©Youtube Screenshot | Life with Oz the Rottweiler

“This is right after I got out of the shower & she hoped in and didn’t want to get out …”

©Youtube Screenshot | Life with Oz the Rottweiler

Liv has owned Rottweilers for more than 20 years. Though all her Rotties had loved the water, none of them loved it as much as Lena does!

©Youtube Screenshot | Life with Oz the Rottweiler

“If the bathroom [is] shut she will open the door and jump in with you,” Liv told MailOnline.

©Youtube Screenshot | Life with Oz the Rottweiler

The adorable video quickly went viral, garnering over 5 million views. A good number of netizens find Lena’s love of showers adorable and certainly a far cry from other dogs that dread bath time.

©Youtube Screenshot | Life with Oz the Rottweiler

“I wish my dog would take a shower. He smells funny all of the time,” one YouTube user wrote.

©Youtube Screenshot | Life with Oz the Rottweiler

“My dog despises showers and thinks I’m mad at him whenever I give him one. If only he was more like this dog in that respect,” another commented.

©Youtube Screenshot | Life with Oz the Rottweiler

Watch Lena in this video below!