Women find a strange ‘moving’ box by the roadside—then they hear cries coming from inside

Thank goodness this peculiar box was discovered by two young ladies. When they saw what was concealed inside the box, one of the women decided to bring the inhabitants home with her—because clearly, they weren’t supposed to be there.

Julia Johan and her friend, Syaza, were strolling around the neighborhood when they stumbled upon an unusual box lying by the side of the road, according to a report on Shared.

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The box caught their attention because it was moving. And strangely, they heard animals’ cries coming from inside.

They knew something was amiss and decided to investigate.

When they opened the box, they saw four little kittens.

©YouTube Screenshot | Julia Johan

It was not known how long these poor kittens had been trapped in the box.

Apparently, they were abandoned on the roadside, without any food or water.

©YouTube Screenshot | Julia Johan

Being concealed inside the box, one could only imagine how terrified these little fluffy creatures were. The kittens, most likely to be siblings, were far too young to be separated from their mother.

Fortunately, Johan and Syaza came to the kittens’ rescue in the nick of time. Who knows what would’ve happened to these little bundles of fluff if nobody noticed them.

©YouTube Screenshot | Julia Johan

Once the tiny kittens saw daylight, they desperately cried for help, and even attempted to climb out of the box.

©YouTube Screenshot | Julia Johan

Footage of the abandoned kittens was uploaded to YouTube by Johan. The baby felines with gorgeous blue eyes each have a different coloring that makes them unique.

“Me and my friends found these kittens abandoned by the roadside,” Johan wrote. “So my friend Syaza decided to take them back home!”

©YouTube Screenshot | Julia Johan

Since the video was posted on Dec. 16, 2009, it has received more than 660,000 views.

“This almost makes me cry, they’re so young, wet and hungry. Thanks for taking care of those angels,” YouTuber Maija Holopainen wrote.

Caz PK commented: “Abandonment of pets should be against the law. They are living things and can feel pain and hunger. Horrid humans who did this should have been found and dealt with.”

©YouTube Screenshot | Julia Johan

“I always wonder who would abandon cute kittens like that. Like if you can’t take care of them at least bring them to a shelter or ask a friend if they want to take them in/adopt them. Don’t leave them on a roadside in a cardboard box where they don’t have food and can barely fend for themselves,” Jennifer Doesvids added.

©YouTube Screenshot | Julia Johan

How could anyone be so heartless to abandon such adorable, yet helpless little lives? It’s just so fortunate that these ladies were around to save them.

We’re sure they will receive lots of tender loving care in their new forever home. We have requested the video uploader for an update, but unfortunately to no response. We can only hope the kittens, which would be fully grown cats by now, are getting along well.

Watch the video:

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