A horrible accident disfigured her face but that didn’t change his decision of marrying only her!

Desire is like a beautiful flame that sparks every cell in our being and this flame can either die out at the slightest breeze or it can blow up into a roaring fire. If this flame of desire stays strong irrespective of hurdles, we can safely term it as ‘Love’!

It was love at first sight for Jai when he met Sunita at school. They soon shared a very wonderful school life being best of friends. Although their lives changed paths after school, Jai still cherished closeted feelings for Sunita and after two and a half years, he received a phone call that made him happier than ever! Sunita had called to wish him on his birthday.

Credit: Cosmopolitan.

Soon after they reconnected, Sunita met with an accident which would prove to be the ultimate test standing in their way! Her car toppled over after hitting a truck and her face was dragged on the road. This incident was the breeze on their flame of desire!

Hearing the news Jai rushed to the hospital eager to see her. He had initially thought it was just a minor injury but even after 10 surgeries on her face, it wasn’t the same anymore. Although heartbroken, Jai stood strong with his love for her and returned the next day with a marriage proposal which took Sunita by surprise!

Credit: Cosmopolitan.

Still traumatised by the accident, Sunita didn’t want sympathy and she declined his proposal. At this point, Jai was so devoted to her that he understood her reason for saying ‘No’ but that didn’t stop him from pursuing her. Time, again, is a funny aspect. With enough time you miss a person and with too much time you get over that person.

Credit: Cosmopolitan.

A year later, it was already too difficult for Sunita to ignore the connection and understanding between them. She declared her love for him with a small bouquet of roses, for his birthday and before they knew it, the tiny flame of desire had transformed into a roaring fire which moulded this wonderful couple into the epitome of love. They now live happier than ever, with their daughter.