Animal lover shares touching clip of him raising an exotic creature—from the egg to the skies

An animal lover based in Indonesia has posted a touching video of how he raised a couple of hyacinth macaws, which are the largest parrot species in the world. In the 10-minute clip, he shows the entire several-months process, all the way from the egg to the skies. He says the best part of raising these majestic birds is letting them freely spread their wings when fully grown.

Andy Hoo is his name, and he’s made a name for himself on Instagram. By looking at the many exotic animals he films and photographs, it’s no wonder he’s got 23,300 followers.

From red-bellied toucans, cotton-top tamarins, black-ear marmosets, white tigers, phanter chameleons—you name it, he’s raised them all.

Whilst a colorful shot of Hoo seated with three crimson-blue macaw in what may be his home drew 1,200 likes, a video depicting the birds’ process of growing up has garnered over 2.2 million views.

Hoo recorded the entire process of how he raised the hyacinth macaws with tender loving care, starting from the egg. He wants to express how much he loves animals through shooting this video.

©YouTube Screenshot | Andy Hoo

As the days tick by, we see the process of how the birds go from being featherless to gradually becoming feathered, gaining their stunning color, to eventually becoming the beautiful blue birds they are today.

©YouTube Screenshot | Andy Hoo

Being the largest of the parrot species, the hyacinth macaw can grow to 100 centimeters (approx. 39 inches) in length. By day 110, Hoo writes, “you are not [a] baby anymore.”

©YouTube Screenshot | Andy Hoo

After spending months raising these majestic birds, his greatest reward is on the day he lets them spread their wings and take flight outdoors. He waves goodbye, for it’s time for the macaws to live in their own natural habitat.

“No words, other than thank God for letting me see my birds flying free,” reads a statement he wrote in the video.

©YouTube Screenshot | Andy Hoo

To Hoo’s credit of “doing something right,” as one netizen put it in regards to how he raised the birds, his beloved macaws return to visit him often.

Though Hoo’s video was largely popular, with most people expressing admiration for a job well done, some were concerned about where he obtained the eggs. Hoo responded to one question on this, saying they’re from his farm.

One user wrote, “Hearing how free the birds sounded as they ‘chirped’ was so touching.”

“This was so beautiful, I just couldn’t help from crying when it flied,” wrote another.

One bird owner seemed very appreciative of Hoo’s video and wrote: “Personally I own a pair of two [sic] Senegal parrots seeing this make me truly believe that my birds will lay eggs and have a wonderful life like your lovely birds will. Hyacinth macaw is one of my favourite breed of parrots and I respect you for making this video as it teaches that a lot of struggles go into making a bird grow up.”

Watch the video below:

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