Baby girl born without limbs is as adorable as any other new born; parents accept her as she is!

A daughter in the house is a celebration to many and yet in few remote villages in India, people still cringe over the birth of a beautiful girl child. In a small village in Chattisgarh, a farmer’s wife gave birth to a girl child but the baby was not how they expected her to be! Though the new born was healthy, she had no limbs! It must have come as a shock to many but not to these parents who are ready to accept her as she is.

Credits: Video Screenshot.

Omprakash Yadav and his wife Phoolmati Devi from Koria a small village from the northern India of Chattisgarh were very happy about their new born baby girl, the deformities didn’t seem to affect them in any ways. Their child weighed, cried and wriggled about as any normal child but her absence of limbs was her only drawback. The infant’s father has happily accepted her but only fears for her future!

Credits: Video Screenshot.

The delivery of the baby happened at their home before they could reach the hospital. Seeing this condition the doctors have honestly stated that there is no treatment to make her better!

Babies like her need such progressive parents to take care of her special needs. Huge respect to the farmer’s family on giving the baby all the love and concern. Hopefully, she can reach the heights she would with the support of her amazing parents!