Baby orangutan chained between two walls for a year was terrified to see his rescuers—now in a rehab

This orphaned orangutan was captured as a baby and bought as a pet. But sadly, the “owner” felt that the best place for his new pet was the narrow space between two houses—where he remained chained for a year until someone alerted the authorities.

According to a report by The Dodo, Mingky was captured near the Indonesian forest after his mother was killed by the poachers.

He was then sold as a pet, and was chained between two walls next to the owner’s house. It’s hard to imagine how much suffering poor Mingky went through. He was chained for a year, tethered by his neck to a bolt in the wall.

Fortunately, Mingky was rescued by the Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) with help from wildlife and police officials.

“Our team found the male orangutan, estimated 3 years old, being chained in a wall between two houses … through our intel, who discovered the orangutan illegally held in a house in a rural area near Blang Pidie city, Aceh Barat Daya,” Panut Hadisiswoyo, founding director of OIC, told The Dodo.

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“He said he wanted the orangutan to be chained in his premises as an entertainment for his family,” said Hadisiswoyo.

Mingky was terrified of the rescue team and had to be tranquilized so the chain around his neck could be removed.

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A year in such captivity is certainly a long time, but the OIC have seen worse cases and are very grateful they found him.

“The orangutan would have been suffering forever but luckily our team discovered him,” OIC wrote on its Facebook page.

Mingky was taken under the care of Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP), where he is currently in rehabilitation. If everything goes according to plan, when he is ready, Mingky will be released into a wildlife area where orangutans are not at risk every step they take.

Watch the video below:

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