Headmaster brutally beats children with cane; his excuse for it is pathetic!

The job of a teacher is to nurture and guide young minds. They are supposed to be an example of absolute selflessness!  However, time and again we hear stories of people whose unforgivable deeds tarnished an entire profession. One such horrifying case came to light recently in Allahabad. 

For the students of Rudraprayag Public School in Allabahad, a nightmare came to life in the form of their headmaster. In a video that surfaced on the internet recently, the headmaster Satendra Dwivedi was seen brutally beating his students with a cane. He hit the children so hard that the cane broke!

Credit: Storypick.

The headmaster didn’t stop at that, he asked for a bigger cane to beat the students. His stance and position clearly tell how hard the cane might have hit the children but Dwivedi has tried to negate that in an interview with Tez. He claims that he might have been a ‘little’ angry but he didn’t hit them too hard. According to Dwivedi the sound that was audible in the video wasn’t that of his cane. He justified his actions by saying that he wanted to teach the children a ‘lesson’.

Credit: Storypick.

The mother of one of the students filed a complaint against Dwivedi. However, she had to take it back after being pressurised by local authorities. The horrifying incident is not unique, despite corporal punishment being a punishable offence. The Ministry of Women and Child Development had banned physical punishment of students in 2010 but it still continues in most schools in our country.