Love is what this woman from Bihar has for her pet! They celebrate Raksha Bandhan together

A man’s best friend is usually never another man but a dog! Dogs are seen as members of the family! Jyoti who lives in Nawada, Bihar has taken her pet Tommy an Alsatian dog as her brother and this has given her every single reason to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan!

Credits: YouTube Screenshot.

Jyoti devotedly waits for every year to tie Rakhi to her brother, Tommy and feeds the dog with delicacies she cooks for him! The day she married and moved in with her husband to Bihar, Tommy was introduced to her and since that moment he has been her protector! This element made her respect Tommy as her brother!

Credits: YouTube Screenshot.

Though Jyoti has had no brothers of her own, she sees her pet with a higher regard than any brother! Tommy has always respected Jyoti and she has never hesitated to impart sisterly love on him at all.