Man heartbroken after car gets stolen at gunpoint with 2 dogs inside. Then one day he gets a call

Losing a pet could be one of the hardest feelings to let go of, but the pain becomes even more unbearable when the pet turns out be not so ordinary but instead a therapy or service dog. However, this man was lucky to find one of his two four-pawed companions back. 

Cleveland man Andrew Wright had no idea this would be one of his toughest days. His car was running out of gas, and he pulled into a gas station. Then, in a flash, his car was stolen.

“I went to get the gas and the girl that was with me came in and said someone just put a gun to me and took your car. I said what? I looked, and the car was going down Lorain,” Wright told Fox 8 Cleveland.

The thief was speeding off with Wright’s dogs, Polo and Baby Girl, still in the car. Polo is a special dog that alerts Wright to impending seizures.

“If I am having a seizure, he alerts me. He gets up and licks me in the face to the point where I come to and realize I need to get to the phone,” said Wright.

It was easy for police to recover the car as it was equipped with OnStar tracking. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find Polo and Baby Girl.

During an interview with Fox 8 Cleveland, Wright pleaded with viewers to help him find the missing dogs. He said that ever since losing them, he can’t eat or sleep.

Wright also had posted lost dog notices hoping that someone could help.

A local resident, Mariah Singleton, saw the story on TV, and she immediately remembered seeing Polo in her neighborhood. She initially thought that the dog was a stray, but the moment she realized it was Polo, she contacted Fox 8 and Cleveland Police.

“We paused the TV and then we were looking and then when he called him by his real name, he started listening and stuff. So that’s how we knew it was probably his dog,” Singleton told Fox 8 Cleveland.

Finally, with the help of Singleton and Cleveland police, Polo was reunited with Wright.

“I feel good, I’m happy he’s home,” said Singleton.

Wright was just fortunate enough to reunite with his beloved Havanese therapy dog.

When he got to know that Singleton had helped to reunite him with Polo, he thanked her for having such a generous and beautiful heart.

“Thank you for having a heart, thank God for opening your heart to call,” Wright said.

Sadly, Baby Girl is missing. Wright desperately hopes that some goodhearted Samaritan will find his beloved puppy and help bring her home.

Watch the video below:

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot | Fox8.

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