Mom keeps beehive hairstyle for 37 years. Daughters stunned to see her after Oprah’s makeover

On one of Oprah Winfrey’s age-defying makeover episodes, a woman named Joan Irvine was featured. Joan never changed her signature, beehive hairstyle for nearly four decades. When she stepped out with her new makeover, her two daughters were floored.

In 2003, Joan, then 63 years old, appeared on the show for a makeover. Her daughters, Christine and Cindy, both shared how much they wanted their mother to change her bouffant.

“If swimming up high was an Olympic sport, she would win the gold medal, no doubt,” Christine said jokingly, referring to how her mom would keep her head out of the water while swimming to keep her hair dry.

To set her go-to hairstyle, Joan spent a whopping four hours on it every Wednesday for 37 years. The amount of time dedicated here ensures that her hair stays set for a week. She wakes at 5:30 a.m. to get started on her mid-week routine, beginning with the removal of copious hairpins.

Once that was done, the next step involved teasing of the hair up using her fingers.

“It looks like I put my fingers in the socket, doesn’t it,” Joan joked, noting how spiked her hair looked from this process.

Following that step, Joan proceeded to wash her hair in the kitchen sink. And when she was done, she took out a huge box filled with four different types of rollers. Which roller size she chooses depends on how curly she wants her hair.

Joan is not done yet! After she finished rolling her hair, she sat under a hairdryer for 45 minutes. When the rollers came off, Joan continued to brush her hair and then teased it a bit more. Finally, she put the finishing touches on it and used hairspray to keep it in place.

“And when she’s done it’s like a fine, chiseled feature on top of her head,” Christine said.

“We’re going to take an insurance policy out on her hair,” Christine further added. “God forbids something happens to the hair.”

It’s not just the hairstyle the daughters hope to change, but also their mother’s hair color. “That salt-and-pepper hair color has got to go,” Cindy chimed in.

“And mom has this bubblegum pink lipstick that she absolutely loves—and it’s the worst color,” Christine said.

After the audience viewed the video footage of Joan’s hair-styling process, the moment for the makeover reveal arrived, and Oprah asked Joan to come out. And when she did, the audience screamed with delight over the transformation.

Christine and Cindy’s jaw dropped when they saw their mother’s new look and quickly ran up to hug her. Oprah can be seen just as stunned at the total change. Joan looked like a completely different woman and much younger.

After the show, do you think Joan kept the look or went back to the bouffant? Oprah caught up with Joan 13 years later, and Joan kept her makeover look. She also admitted that it has saved her a lot of time.

Watch the video below to find out how she looks after Oprah gave her an amazing makeover:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | OWN.

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