Mother abandons the ‘Miracle baby’ who survived a fall from the train! Reason behind it is tragic!

When Pushpa Tamta was on a train journey, she had no clue that she will go into labour. She delivered the child when the train stopped for a few moments at a station. However, the new mother was in for a shock when she realized that the baby had slipped through the toilet pipe and landed on the tracks!

Both the mother and child were taken for medical care where the doctors announced that the newborn survived without a scratch on her body, thus naming her the ‘miracle baby’!

Credit: Pixabay.

Eight days after that incident Pushpa abandoned her child because she couldn’t afford the expenses this new life would bring. She left her at the Shishu Sadan orphanage in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. The helpless mother might have thought that the orphanage would open new doors for the baby but there are difficulties in that realm too.

The orphanage is in a fix now because the child is not an orphan technically because of which she cannot be given up for adoption. The authorities of the orphanage can’t term her as an orphan if her mother is still alive, according to the Juvenile Justice Act 2000.

Credit: Times Of India.

In a report by The Times Of India, Sunil Sharma, Child Welfare Committee, explained that the mother had surrendered her child. In such cases, the biological parents have to sign a ‘surrender deed’ but that’s where the problem lies because Pushpa had gone missing after handing over her child.

Superintendent of the children’s home, HP Srivastav, told TOI that the child can be adopted only after the mother has been declared ‘disappeared’. Till then the orphanage will be home for the little one whom they have endearingly named Vandana.