Rupees 5 is all you need to consult this doctor from Karnataka! A true life savior for the poor!

The profession of a doctor is a highly revered one! They have the power to save lives but a lot has changed in the recent past where making money seems to be the priority. In an age where the price of medical treatments is skyrocketing, Dr Shankare Gowda’s patients are consulting him for a mere Rupees 5! Gowda has been true to the profession by helping as many people as he can!

Representational image. Credit: NDTV

Known as ‘Rupees 5 Doctor’, Gowda started his journey from Shivanahalli Taluk in Karnataka. He started his skin specialist practice in Mandya, 12 kilometres away from his village. When he realized that people from Shivanahalli were coming to him for consultation, Gowda decided to go back. He was inspired by Dr K. Govinda from Mysore Medical College who was known to see his patients even late at night.

Credit: Kalam Fan Club

Dr Gowda is no less than a real-life hero. He handles his clinic in Mandya alone and when in Shivanahalli he sits near a bakery or his farmland to meet his patients. They stand in a queue waiting for their turn. He is known for successfully treating patients who couldn’t be cured even in famous hospitals.

Representational image. Credit: The Logical Indian

Now serving as the Mandya Zila Panchayat vice president, Dr Shankare Gowda was elected without any campaign. This doctor from a small village saw what the rural population was going through in terms of medical aid and chose to help them. His dedication to his profession is commendable! This only goes to show that each one of us too can do our part to help make our country a better place!