Skeletal remains of what looks like a dragon is found and people are excited to ride on it!

For people who believe that dinosaurs and dragons are extinct, then it is time to see this new discovery that occurred in China! Though it was not a real dragon, its skeletal remains shocked people. The skeleton of a 60-foot long dragon with a horned skull and tiny arms was lying on the grass amidst spectators.  

The video went viral after people saw the remains of the dragon but to everyone’s surprise, the spectators were not scared of it! In Zhangjiakou city of the Hebei province in Northern China, people were seen clicking pictures while riding on the remains of the dragon.

Credits: Facebook | Viral Snoop

The dragon had a long, thin serpentine body with a skull that resembled a cow. Interestingly, it matched the Chinese version of dragons rather than the usual lizard type seen otherwise.

A few believe it to be a prank, while the rest think it’s a movie prop. This is because, back in 1996, a dragon fossil that was discovered was later revealed to be a prop for a documentary.

Credits: Facebook | Sport Street

The Chinese term any new creature that has been discovered as a dragon. Chinese traditional dragons are known to slither through the air due to lack of wings and this skeletal remains of the dragon aptly fit the description.

People of China respect dragons and apart from these skeleton remains, localities have even spotted a dragon in the sky. Though they aren’t sure if it is true, many people are happy to see their oldest of traditions coming back to life. Do you think its true and are dragons actually real?