When she was 4 years old, she began narrating details of her past life in Mathura!

Can you imagine your child saying “I have lived before”? That was the case for 4-year-old Shanti Devi who claimed that she remembered her past life. 

She was born in 1926 to a family based in New Delhi. At the tender of 4, where most kids can’t even speak coherently, Shanti Devi shocked her family with details of her past life. She was a resident of Mathura in her previous birth where she lived with her husband.

Credit: Speaking Tree.

However, these details were hard to accept for her parents but Shanti was sure of going back to her husband. Seeing her parents dissent she ran away from home and tried to go to Mathura. Her parents found her and brought her home. Shanti’s name was Lugdi Devi and she was married to a merchant named Kedar Nath.

Credit: Speaking Tree.

In her past life, Shanti claims to have died ten days after giving birth to her son. The news trickled out and it created waves around the world. Shanti had mentioned her story to her teachers as well who sent a letter to Kedar Nath. To their surprise, soon came a reply from Lugdi’s husband. Kedar Nath travelled to Delhi to see this young girl but pretended to be his own younger brother. Little Shanti took no time to recognise her husband and could answer all the questions he had about his late wife.

Credit: Speaking Tree.

The news reached Mahatma Gandhi’s ear and he appointed a commission to study the matter. Shanti guided the investigating team through Mathura. Kedar Nath had made some promises to Lugdi Devi on her death bed which he didn’t fulfil and that was the reason why she had to come back. The commission confirmed that Shanti Devi was indeed the reincarnation of Lugdi Devi.