Woman devastated after beloved dog ran away—9 yrs later, she receives random Facebook message

To find that one’s dog has gone missing can be a life-shattering event for many people. One dog owner from Peoria, Illinois, had to wait nine years for her dear dog to come back home after he went missing.

Amy Baca loves her little dog Brownie very much. So when he went missing, she was distraught. Even though she searched many years for Brownie, she could never find her pet shih tzu.

“My niece came to visit my mom, and they had opened the door and he just ran out, because he hated when we would leave,” recalls Baca, as reported by 12News.

“We suffered a lot,” she added. “We would look for him day and night.”

Surprisingly, nine years later, the dog was discovered in a tattoo parlor, and picked up by Kathy Hamel of Arizona Shih Tzu & Small Breed Rescue.

“He can’t even make it in my home, from one room to another, without a great deal of difficulty … So, he could not have come from the distance of the nearest housing. Someone had to have left him there. It’s amazing he wasn’t coyote food,” Hamel told Fox10 in a 2016 report.

Initially doubting whether the dog had an owner, Hamel soon discovered that the dog had a microchip, which contained Baca’s information.

With the help of Facebook, she tracked down Baca’s contact information and sent her a private message. She asked her, “Does Brownie ring any bells?”

“This lady asked me if I was missing a dog, and she showed me a picture of Brownie, how he looks now. And I was like, ‘That looks like my dog,’” said Baca.

When Baca learned that her dear pet was still alive, she was overwhelmed. She had given up all hope of ever finding him again. Thanks to Hamel, however, she was able to reunite with Brownie. The dog was 15 years old by then.

“I never thought I was going to ever see him ever again,” she said. “…it’s incredible … I’m just overwhelmed … mixed emotions… I just can’t believe it still.”

“I don’t know how much longer he’s going to live. But at least he’s going to live his last moments at least, back with his family, where he belongs,” Baca said.

Despite being blind and deaf, he’s still the “same Brownie,” confirms Baca. “…his hair color and everything is still the same.”

For a dog that has lived apart from his owner for nine years, it sure would feel great to be back home.

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Photo Credit: Video Screenshot | 12 News.

This man’s reaction to being reunited with his lost dog is so heartwarming!