29 awesome clips of people fishing—but when you see what happens, you’ll burst out laughing

If you think that fishing is a time to relax, this series of video clips may prove you wrong.

In one clip, a young boy is racing to reel in a huge catch.

But he’s not the only one eyeing the fish caught on the hook. Before he can reel it in, a predator swims fast and snatches it away.

This boy has caught a fish much stronger than him. He struggles just to hold on and calls out to his dad for help. Alas, not even the strength of one adult can bring in this catch, so the two kids hold on to their dad to act as an anchor. Do they succeed?

Nope, the fish wins and all three fall into the water!

This man is patiently waiting for the fish to bite. When he feels a tug, he immediately jerks his fishing rod back and accidentally loses his grip. The rod goes flying straight into the water.

So what does he do next? Something very unexpected. Watch the video to find out and see more funny clips!

Video Credit: Facebook | NTD Funniest.