3-yr-old orphan sells pens on street. But watch close when a stranger pays 5x the asking price

You won’t believe the little girl in this video is only 3 years old, and she is so clear about her values and the situation she is in.

It can be heartbreaking to watch these children trying to get by in the streets, and none more so than this orphan who is selling pens on the streets in India.

The little girl is seen selling pens for a small profit. When actor Varun Pruthi approached her to buy the pens, she told him she’s an orphan and lives with her aunt. She gives all the money she earns to her aunt so that they can have food.

But how she responds when Pruthi pays her five times more than the actual value of all her pens is really touching. This little girl indeed has a heart of gold. Just like any other kid, she too deserves much better than this.

Life is really tough for the children living below the poverty line. Let’s hope she can stay safe.

Video Screenshot: YouTube | ActorVarunPruthi.

She was married at age 10 & later abandoned by husband—today she’s a mother to 1,400 orphans