6 Easy and Efficient Beauty Hacks To Try ASAP

Minimal effort, maximum results. 😉

Use a spoon as an eyelash curler

Next time your forget your eyelash curler, remember this trick. As you’re more likely to find a spoon than an eyelash curler, say buh-bye to sad/limp/straight eyelashes. Just make sure said spoon has been thoroughly washed and cleaned.

1. Hold spoon, facing down, between thumb and index finger

2. Place spoon on top of the eyelash (starting at the root) and thumb below eyelashes; slide spoon across thumb*

* Make sure you’re sliding the spoon and not pulling your eyelashes!

3. Voilà!

Make your own cat eye stamp

Quick, effortless cat eye. Sure, it may take a few minutes to assemble, but remember: if you make the eye liner stamp once, you can use the stamp forever. Well, we hope not forever but you can definitely use it many more times than once. Cleaning it will only add a few extra seconds so don’t roll your eyes.

1. Cut the corner of an eraser

2. Hot glue it onto a Qtip

3. Apply liquid eyeliner onto the newly crafted stamp

4. Stamp onto eyelid starting from the outer corner of your eye, glide stamp inward

5. Tada~

Perfectly done eyeliner!

You can also use your lipstick as blush! Want to know how? We’ll show you in the full video above.

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