7-year-old can’t decide if she wants a nap or an ice cream cone—and her solution is hilarious!

As a child, there is nothing like capping off a day full of fun and outside play with an ice cream cone and a nap. This young one from London, UK,  didn’t want to miss out on her treat but had a terrible case of the nods, and her solution was hilarious.

Children nodding off in their car seats is often a parent’s chance to take a break from the chaos that can sometimes ensue during a long day out with the family.

At other times, it provides a level of hilarity that is hard to describe. Luckily, this hilarious incident was caught on camera.

Young Kayla can be seen in her car seat enjoying her cool treat while simultaneously nodding off to sleep.

She literally catches a few Zs between licks of her ice cream cone.

Her mother can be heard laughing while filming the spectacle and inquiring into Kayla’s predicament.

“Are you tired?” Kayla’s mother asks. Kayla’s response is unintelligible, considering she is asleep, and her mouth is also full of ice cream.

Hilariously, Kayla only becomes alert after she accidentally drops her ice cream cone. She pops to attention and immediately looks for her lost treat.

Upon successfully retrieving the cone, she immediately goes right back to eating her ice cream and catching a nap.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin