A man spots a sheep with its head stuck in a fence—watch what happens when he pulls its legs

While this man was taking a stroll one day down Penrith Lane in Newport News, Virginia, he stumbled upon a lamb that had had gotten itself in an embarrassingly hilarious situation—and was as a result, in dire need of help. 

With its head firmly trapped between the wiring of a fence surrounding a farm, it’s clear this little guy isn’t going anywhere without some serious help.

So after setting up a camera to record the once in a lifetime rescue, Graham quickly got to work.

Firmly holding onto the lambs two little back legs, he gently tugs at the fluffy friend; trying to free it from its unfortunate predicament, which turns out doesn’t take much effort.

Just one more mighty pull and the little lamb, whose fate at first looked quite dim, quickly runs off to its concerned mother who had been watching nearby.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Newsflare