Abby is a Black Lab who prefer being ON the water rather than IN the water

Let’s go surfing now, everybody surfing now! Come on a safari with…Abby! The Beach Boy’s classic hit song, “Surfin’ USA,” is definitely befitting of this Black Lab and her wish to get to the ball while riding a wave!

Well, truthfully, it’s more of a few ripples than it is a wave, but it is still a big deal to a dog.

Abby loves to play ball more than she loves to get wet. So in a “challenge the canine” moment, her owner throws the ball she loves to fetch into the pool. Does that stop Abby from playing? Nope! She jumps right onto the floating mattress and turns, swirls, and balances her way in the direction of the ball. With a little help from Mother nature in the form of a light breeze, she patiently drifts over to the ball, grabs it in her mouth, and leaps back on to the concrete sidewalk.

Strategic success!

Chances are fairly good that you know someone who owns a lab of some sort or another. They are among the most popular dog breeds in America. In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, the breed has taken the top spot in its rankings of most popular breeds for 24 consecutive years—the longest reign of any breed in AKC history.

Now Abby here might not know this, but they are well known for their love of being in the water. Originally, they were used for fishing! Fishermen used the dogs to bring in nets, pull ropes between boats, and recover escaped fish. Labrador retrievers were bred, in fact, to be the ideal water dog. They have a water-resistant double coat that insulates them from cold waters. And the short hair is now accident, they were bred that way so as to provide the least resistance while swimming…IN the water. Their webbed toes make them speedy swimmers, too. Don’t let the label of water dog fool you, they are also known for their ability to sprint on land. They can hit 12 miles an hour in just three seconds.

Source: Dog jumps onto a surfboard in pool, rides it to fetch ball! by butterflynurse  on Rumble.