An elderly dog was abandoned & living in LA neighborhood—when help arrives, he’s ready to be saved

When the southern California-based animal rescue shelter Hope For Paws received word that there was a senior dog living alone on the streets, they knew that they couldn’t just leave the poor pooch there to fend for himself.

When they arrived on the scene, though, they realized it wouldn’t be easy to get him to safety.

Although incredibly hungry, the elderly dog was also highly distrustful of humans; clearly, a life of mistreatment had left him wondering if the Hope For Paws rescuers were there to help or simply to hurt him more.

They had to remain patient, slowly gaining the dog’s trust and showing him that they weren’t there to hurt him.

Once the dog—quickly given the name Pumba—realized that there wasn’t going to be any pain coming from their hands, something amazing happened.

Almost as if a switch was flipped, he started to trust them and show affection, as if he’d been starved for it. Clearly, this dog was going to make some new forever home smile!

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