Whee! Well that was fun! Baby elephant enjoys SLIDING on his belly down a MUD-SLOPE

There is nothing like getting away from all the mothering and fussing of the elephant herd, especially from under the watchful eye of the matriarch—and having some secret fun on one’s own.

This footage shows a two-year old baby elephant enjoying some alone-time in the forests of Yunnan Province, China, near the border of Myanmar. All that flapping of ears and flicking of tails—although he knows it’s because they care— it can get a trifle overwhelming at times…

It’s a beautiful day in the emerald colored forest and the birds are tweeting happily when the little calf discovers a perfect mud slope—gets onto his knees and on his belly—and whoops, he’s sliding down the slippery hill… ah, the joys of babyhood! Afterward, this smart baby elephant remembers how to get back to his royal clan anyway—no problem!

The heart-warming scene unfolded at the Yunnan Asian Elephant Rescue Centre.

This little calf is one of the lucky ones. Asian elephants are endangered and can be found in the regions of Southern and Southeastern Asia—from India to Thailand through to Southern China.

Asian elephants are highly intelligent and are one of the few mammals that are able to recognize their own reflection in a mirror! Due to poaching for their tusks and skin, and use and abuse in the tourism industry, Asian elephants face depletion in their numbers. The loss of habitat to make space for farming and to accommodate growing human population puts them at a risk of losing their homes and being killed by farmers whose crops they eventually feed on in order to survive.

 Photo credit: Video Screenshot | Daily Mail.