Baby elephant is in danger of drowning in raging river, but when Mom sees it—to the rescue!

A mother elephant’s maternal instinct is on full display in this heartwarming scene captured in Sabah, Borneo when a mother elephant goes to the assistance of her young calf.

Baby elephants are not known for their grace nor their swimming abilities. This elephant calf may have overestimated its abilities when it wandered a little too close to a raging river.

The current quickly overwhelms the young calf, though luckily mom was around just when she was needed most and was able to lend a trunk and a sturdy shoulder to lean on.

This mother elephant gently and lovingly assists her young one up a steep and muddy bank and away from a watery fate—and back to safety, likely to find more mischief to get into!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Barcroft