Baby stops swimming halfway across pool—but when mom says 4 words, she can’t believe her eyes

Some children just seem to be born to live in the water—just ask the parents of tiny, fearless Elizabeth!

Elizabeth is the star of a Youtube channel called ‘Elizabeth Swims’, where her Texas-based parents have documented her aquatic prowess since she was just a baby.

The tiny tot began her swimming lessons before she could walk, getting comfortable in the water with her parents before she hit an age where she could really fear things.

Then, as she got older, she really got a chance to test out the waters, no pun intended—and as you can see here, she absolutely shines when staying afloat and kicking along!

The pint-sized girl swims across the pool for the first time when she’s just 16 months old, about the age that most kids are truly mastering the ability to walk without falling over.

That was a seriously impressive milestone, after getting in the water for the first time just 10 months prior—and considering how much effort it takes for someone that size to get all the way across!

As the video shows, though, Elizabeth truly enjoys her time in the water; when she gets to the other side of the pool, she hops out and heads for the edge to jump right back in.

From a trip into the ocean at 15 months to an ISR course—which helps infants learn how to swim safely to the edge of the pool if they happen to fall in—she hits milestones years before many other kids manage to. And the smile on her face says she loves every second of it, too!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Elizabeth Swims