Baker kneads a huge amount of dough all day. When he’s finally done—it’s super yummy!

In this video, baker Vincent Talleu gives us a sneak peek into life in the bakery. He shows us flour, water, salt, time, and passion are what we need to make good bread.

Have you ever wondered how a fresh loaf of bread is made in the bakery?

In the footage captured at Aston’s Bakery in London, Vincent Talleu places the precise measurements of ingredients into a mixer.

Once ready, he lifts up all the dough from the mixer.

Then, he kneads and hand-shapes the huge amount of dough into smaller portions.

By the end, he brings out freshly baked artisan breads from the oven.


Other than doing bakery work, Talleu’s daily tasks include cleaning the workstation and taking out trash.

It looks like tons of work, but the passionate baker clearly enjoys what he’s doing.

“When you get to the bakery, there is nothing but flour bags and salt. Eight hours later there is bread everywhere. You look at it and you tell yourself ‘it’s me who created all of that.’ And that’s really gratifying,” said Vincent Talleu, according to

Watching Talleu doing what he loves is truly inspiring!

Kudos to Talleu and all bakers for spending long hours in hot kitchens to dole out delicious breads for us to enjoy.

Video credit: Facebook | Vincent Talleu.

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