‘Homeless’ man asks people for ‘a hug’ in social experiment—but their reactions are surprising!

In this “OutYourMind” viral video, David Kasner engages in some experimentation on a popular beach side boulevard.

David states on his YouTube channel that, “I wasn’t sure what to expect but I ended up getting overwhelmed……”

The video asks the question, “What if the homeless wanted a hug?” Referred to as a “social experiment,” David goes undercover and poses as a homeless man complete with cardboard, hand written sign. Instead of asking for spare change, however, David gets a little more personal and asks for a hug.

His experiment has attracted some significant attention. On Facebook his video has garnered over 7.6 million views, 130 thousand reactions, and inspired plenty of discussion in the comment section.

After watching the video, you will understand how reactions to have ranged from overjoyed and grateful to cautious.

Andrew Warring states, “A little love and a caring heart for others goes a long way.. Remember we never know what a person in going through.”

Robert Florez respectfully replied, “I get it, but I wouldn’t want my daughter to hug a homeless stranger. But I will help you if needed or give you a little cash.”

No matter where you stand on this experiment, it certainly has people talking.