Beachgoers spot shadows moving in the ocean at night—when they swim up close, it’s feeding time!

When a couple vacationing in the Maldives decided to head out to the beach for a relaxing evening, they had no idea they were about to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

31-year-old Ieven Gretskyi and his wife, Ievgeniia, were standing on the shore of North Male Atoll island, when a curious and hungry stingray swam up to their feet, as if welcoming the tourists or asking for some food.

The couple then bent down to pet the huge ray on the top of its slimy surface before taking turns offering it food with their bare hands.

Remarkably, the stingray happily accepted, and even kept coming back for more!

There’s obvious dangers to feeding wild animals and it’s definitely not recommended—but there’s no doubt this couple will never forget that incredible moment!

“It was awesome. I had never seen anything like it before,” Gretskyi later said.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Caters