Beachgoers start reeling in a fish on the line, but look who else is hot on the fish’s tail!

When a hungry sea lion saw a seemingly-helpless fish that looked ripe for the picking near the shoreline off of Browns Beach in South Australia, he thought he’d hit the lottery.

After a hilariously-documented chase out of the surf and up the beach, though, he discovered why the fish seemed so unable to dart away—and why that meant his tasty treat wasn’t going to be his after all!

A group of beachgoers filmed the moment that the sea lion broke out of the water and charged up the beach towards a small, incapacitated fish flying up the sand.

It appeared, to the sea lion, as if the fish was simply unable to get away—and therefore an easy snack to snag.

When the sea lion got up to the beachgoers, though, he realized his error; the fish hadn’t been trying to escape on its own, but rather while attached to a fishing line!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin Media