Boaters are hoping to catch whales on camera, but when this came to the surface—it’s insane!

To this day, scientists aren’t entirely sure why whales breach the surface like they do. Fortunately, whatever need this satiates in them does wonders for inspiring our awe and excitement—just watch this clip, and you’ll see what we mean!

Although we know that they do need to breathe, their patterns and mannerisms remain a mystery beyond basic speculation—but for sight-seers, that mystery is far less intriguing than what the tourists actually get to witness. Just ask this unsuspecting boater off the coast of Alaska!

Unaware of what he was about to witness first hand, this two friends were trying to film the whales they had seen periodically popping up out of the water off the coast of Resurrection Bay near the town of Seward.

Initially, they thought the whales were going to be farther out in the water, near a flock of seagulls that had been circling above the surface.

When they heard a rumbling on the other side of the boat, though, they turned the cameras towards the noise—what they saw next was beyond anyone’s imagination.

An entire pod of huge humpbacks surfaced dramatically right beside the boat in a breathtaking display. Not surprisingly, the man with the camera couldn’t contain his excitement as he cried out with awe and excitement.

To make things even more exciting, the whales seemed perfectly happy to just say hello and stick around; chances are, this is a boat outing that these two won’t be forgetting for a while!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin