Boy somehow gets his head stuck in a suitcase handle—then things quickly get exciting

Children can find themselves in all sorts of sticky situations, and this hilarious scene, immortalized in video, depicts one of those situations in glorious detail.

The question, “I wonder what if … ?” must have been rattling around in this young man’s head to the point where he simply had to test his hypothesis.

The young man, Carson, had stuck his head through the retractable handlebars of a small suitcase, perhaps in an attempt to wear it like a necklace.

It doesn’t take long for the boy to understand that his choice was a fool’s one when he attempts to remove his head from the handlebars only to discover he’s stuck.

At first, he finds his circumstances funny as does his family who record the spectacle.

Viewers will hear the boy’s father laughing in the background at his son’s antics, stating that they should probably go get some butter and butter up the boy’s ears to make their task easier.

The boy screams a little while his siblings rush over, gleefully enjoying the promise of a challenge—and a hilarious one at that. His mother, inspecting the circumstances and flabbergasted, asks, “How did you get it in there?!”

Needless to say, the boy’s head was eventually removed from its confinement; thanks to his younger sibling and some brute force and ignorance, he manages to pull his brother’s head out of the tight spot.

Viewers can await the sequel; rumor has it, it involves a banister and a jar of Vaseline!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin