Boyfriend decides to pop the question at surprise birthday party—then the unthinkable happens

This woman never saw it coming when her friends and family gathered to throw her a surprise “birthday party.” But the real surprise elicits a reaction from her that has her family very concerned.

Everything was going exactly as planned. The blindfolded birthday girl was escorted by her boyfriend to a large open-air pavilion where her family and friends awaited her arrival to begin the festivities.

She is completely caught off guard when her blindfold is removed and she hears her kin excitedly scream, “Surprise!!!”

She smiles and states, “It’s not my birthday,” an utterance her family dismisses as an irrelevant detail because her official birthday occurred a week prior.

It’s at this point that things take an unexpected and shocking turn.

Her boyfriend, looking flushed and nervous, addresses the crowd, explaining that he has a birthday gift for his girlfriend and turns to her, drops to one knee, and proposes marriage.

And that’s when an emotional shock hit her like a ton of bricks—and it was way more than she could handle! To everyone’s stunned surprise, she flat-out passes out, falling backwards, flat on her back.

Immediately, family and friends leap to her aid while a sheepish boyfriend tries to keep smiling, not knowing what he might have done wrong to illicit such a response.

But this show must go on! So, the family do their best to coax her back to consciousness, while hoping she’s okay at the same time; the boyfriend again drops to one knee, and thankfully, she regains awareness of him and the situation at hand.

Stunned with emotion, she clasps her hands over her mouth and accepts with a, “yes.” And fortunately, after a rocky start, it looks like the gathering clan will have more than just a simple birthday to celebrate on that day.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin