Cats are confused when they see ‘cat’ sticker on fridge—their reactions are totally hilarious

YouTuber Caio Lima Netto said that she once had a large cat sticker “wasting away” in a bag in her house in Brazil for about two years before she took it out and decided to use it. When she applied the cat decal at about floor-level on her fridge, though, she videoed her two real-life cats’ distressed reactions, and the results are absolutely hilarious!

Netto said that she had stuck the cat sticker, which nearly spans the length of the bottom of her fridge and stands about five or six inches tall, to the fridge because it has a smooth surface.

“I just added a cat sticker on our new refrigerator, one of those which have a soft surface,” Netto wrote, captioning the YouTube video she shared on her cats’ hilarious reactions.

“This sticker was wasting away inside its bag for almost 2 years so we decided just to use it.”

It didn’t take long for her living feline friends to discover their new, inanimate, two-dimensional friend. When they did stumble across him, hilarity ensued.

Netto filmed the two cats, named Taiki and Kourin, standing a few feet from the sticker, watching intently, crouched and approaching cautiously as if to possibly figure out its intentions.

The first cat, the Siamese named Kourin, a bit more curious of the two perhaps, inches closer until just about nose-to-nose with the new household intruder. 

It is just plain hilarious how this ridiculous cat sticker plays havoc with their honed feline instincts, having neither scent nor movement to be detected. Just check out how the encounter ends up in the video!

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