Chef shows off his new unconventional oven, but when audience see where he goes—they’re mortified

It was a cloudless day, and the press had gathered on Bondi beach in Australiato attend Chef and Restaurateur Matt Moran’s launch of a new “Unconventional Oven.”

Everyone knew how the demonstration would unfold. The renowned chef would cook something delicious that would also showcase the special features of the oven. The reporters would applaud, then return to their offices to write up a piece on the event.

It should have been straightforward. But what actually happened was a little off the script.

Matt Moran greeted everyone and announced that the lamb loin he meant to use in his dish was already cooking in the oven. He plated up the rest of the dish, then left to fetch the meat.

Only, instead of heading towards the theatrically covered rectangle in the shape of a large oven, Moran stalked off towards his car.

A flashback to earlier in the day told us why.

When the car arrived that afternoon, the temperature outside was a pleasant 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But within ten minutes of parking the car by the beach, the cabin temperature had gone up to 94.1 degrees.

Fifteen minutes after that Matt Moran brought the lamb loin on a tray and wedged it between the front seats, directly under the sun’s glare. “I reckon it’ll take about an hour and a half to two hours,” he told someone off camera. The cabin thermometer read 126.14 degrees.

By the time Moran returned to take the lamb out of his “oven,” the cabin temperature had gone up to 162.5 degrees and the meat was ready.

There was some smattering of laughter as Moran brought the tray of lamb back to the table, as the journalists wondered what he was up to. Then, he cut the lamb and announced that it was overcooked.

The meat had been sitting in the car for a little over one and a half hours.

Every year, 5000 children are rescued from overheated cars across Australia. Since the body temperature of young children can rise five times faster than adults or older kids, resulting in a heatstroke or worse.

Matt Moran’s demonstration had nothing to do with unveiling an oven and everything to do with making the press aware of how perilous it is to leave little kids in cars while parents run errands.

As a dad and a man who’s professionally acquainted with the dangers of overheating anything, Moran wanted to use the fake launch to drive home a point: Your car is just like an oven!

In the next two days, the video was watched over 100,000 times, and the image of Moran’s lamb loin was seared into the minds of viewers. The demonstration on the beach had been more effective than anyone could have imagined.

Now, we can only hope that the next time a parent thinks of leaving their child in the car, they remember Moran’s “unconventional oven” and decide against it.

No errand is worth a child’s life.