Dad laughs when he first opens odd gift from daughter—then he reads the note & bursts into tears!

When Jessica Vigansky and her husband AJ had some exciting news to share with her dad Jim, they decided that they didn’t want to just drop the news out there without some kind of fanfare.

Knowing it needed to be special, Vigansky brought her dad out to eat—and once he was seated, she handed him a tiny yellow box and pulled out her phone to start recording.

Amused but not sure what’s going on, her father opens the box to pull out a tiny pacifier. Still, though, he doesn’t understand what’s going on; all he comments on is that Vigansky herself used to have one of those as an infant.

When she prompts him to read the sign attached, though, he immediately glances down.

There, he sees a little note that says “Hatching November 17th 2014.” He looks up in delight; as he gets confirmation that it isn’t just a prank, tears fill his eyes with absolute joy.

After posting the video online, Vigansky confessed that her mother had passed away 20 years earlier and she was her father’s only child; he had been waiting since her wedding night to hear this kind of amazing news.

And if you can believe it, there are even happier pictures of him out there now; although baby Cooper arrived a whopping three months early, grandpa Jim was there to greet him and snuggle him close as he grew big and strong!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Jukin