Dad snaps a photo of his son every day for 6 years—& time-lapse video shows stunning results

Six years can go by so fast. In this video, it goes by in just over two and a half minutes.

Time lapse videos have become hugely popular over the years. This one is no exception. It has garnered close to 1 million views on Facebook in well under 6 months.

A dedicated father diligently snapped a photo of his son every day for 6 years, and the results are stunning. Watch as this child grows from an infant, to a toddler, right up to a healthy and happy grade-schooler.

You catch a glimpse into this family’s life and are left with a warm feeling.

The video has attracted hundreds of comments. On Facebook, Rose Turner stated,That is beautiful. It tells me that he has a loving Dad who knows how precious their moments are together.”

Christine Lotz summed it up nicely with her comment, “And that’s how fast it seems to go”

Travis K. Hoover shared, “That was the coolest thing I have seen in years……..Thank you.”

Perhaps the best thing about this video is not immediately apparent—some may say it’s the fact that his father was there, every day, no matter what. Can a son ask for anything more?

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Account