Dads have bizarre ways of taking care of their kids—when left alone, what could go wrong?

In this video, when mommies are not around, these super daddies are there to take care of their kids, and it’s hilarious.

Nowadays, it is no longer astonishing to see men take up the mantle of babysitting. But the thing is, when mommies entrust to their men the task of watching over the children, you can always—okay, maybe not all the time—expect that hilarity will ensue.

The dad in the screenshot above wants to imitate breastfeeding so that it would be easier for him to feed the baby, so in order to do that, he snipped a small hole in his tank top and inserted the milk bottle into it.

“I guess it’s like breastfeeding, right?” he asks. Well, it’s close enough.

In another clip, one father helps his daughter tie her hair up. So, he grabs her hair into a ponytail and instructs her to turn around. And she does what daddy says.

Her hair curls slowly and slowly as she spins until it turns into a bun. It is a smart way to fix some long hair, proven by the “I-can’t-believe-it” reaction of the other man sitting next to them.

In another clip, one father proves that it’s a breeze to make a baby laugh, so when he makes some gibberish sounds with his mouth, his baby bursts into laughter.

The baby couldn’t stop laughing. Well, that’s exactly what daddy wants, so he continues to make funny sounds for the baby.

For more funny father-and-child bonding, watch the whole video.

Video Credit: Facebook

 That’s why I love my Dad so much. He saved me and saved the day!