Daughter argues with dad on how to count to 5—she adorably insists that there’s only 4 numbers

This father-and-daughter argument is by far the cutest disagreement ever. She is confident that she is counting one to five correctly and refused to listen to her father. Check out the two-minute clip to see who finally won the dispute.

When children speak, they sound absolutely adorable. They can be reciting the Declaration of Independence and make it sound cute due to how they pronounce the words and their innocent voices.

So when this little girl argued with her father on how to count to five, it’s not possible to get mad at all. Listen to her count away confidently saying, “One, two, three, five” again and again—always forgetting to say “four.” Her father was very patient and tried to correct her, but she was adamant in her counting skills.

Of course, at the end, it’s mom who stepped in to help guide their daughter to count in the proper order by issuing one simple request. The reaction the girl has when she finally gets it right is too precious!