Dog owner tells golden retriever to dig in the deep snow—what he uncovers is too funny!

Canadian winters can be harsh and, in rural Canada, even more so for the animals that stay there. Thankfully, these two gallus domesticus (a type of farm animal) have Chase looking out for them.

Chase hails from Blanche, Nova Scotia, and he was acquired by his owner when he was only 10 weeks old. Watch as Chase, under the direction of his trusty human, gently digs and nudges two chickens out of the snow. He’s being trained, it would seem, how to help out around the farm.

Commenters on Facebook were quick to jump to the defense of the chickens, claiming they had been buried by their owner while, others postulated that Chase’s owner was training him to care for the chickens.

Though apparently, “No animals were harmed in this video,” wrote the poster.

Chase has been called everything from a “hero” to a “Goldador,” the breed Chase is suspected to be.

The video has been shared well over 5 thousand times on Facebook and continues to attract comments there, which have reached over 1 thousand. In its short life on the internet, this simple video has received significant attention.

Keep up the great work Chase! We are certain that those Nova Scotia winters are not going to get any easier.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Newsflare